About inspiration

I was just watching a TV show and I got to think about what inspires an interior designer while creating amazing dreamy locations. So, the question came to me slowly and revealing: what inspires a writer?

I am the kind of person inspired by everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. It would literally take me months to create summaries of every novel idea that I have. I can sit on the toilet and think of a horror story that starts on the toilet. I can ride the bus and see a story at every turn or stop. I can make anything into everything. Once, I even had a story in mind that came from a leaf blown by the wind. I’m that inspired.

But in this case, why am I not writing? What stops all of my inspiration to come into real fact? I blame it on procrastination but it feels lame just writing it. Of course I love to just stay and do nothing for days, but I’m not really a procrastinator. I do stuff for work, for the house, I have a lot of creativity on my plate to keep me busy for years.

But why am I not writing? I know there is a writer’s block, but I’m in one for way too long. I love to write and I always think of chapters and have them perfectly outlined in my head, I just can’t seem to add them on paper.

But enough on my skills lack, let’s get back to the inspiration. Here is a small list that help me keep it together when it comes to places and characters. Maybe it will help you too:

Locations – I based my locations on real and existing areas (of course, the ones that happen on Earth). It would be easier to invent locations and places, but for now I feel it would be difficult to remember small details in order to make it believable. Since I live in Romania, of course this is the country I start with. What I also love to do is take old buildings from my city and redesign them on paper. I give them personality and a story to go with it. As long as I have the core of the building, I can make it work.

Characters – most of the characters are based on my friends or people that I know. It is easier to have a full background on someone once I set a certain person to a character. Of course, I never told them who they are in the stories. It would be weird, I think. I also have a custom that I’m not sure is a good one or a negative one: all of the main characters are based on me. I know it sounds narcissistic but I know myself best. Also, I can’t seem to write about anything else but superhero women.

Names – I’ve always hated naming my characters. I find it impossible and I really do have a story where my characters have names of alphabet letters, like A, C, W. For me, naming is a blockage. Sometimes I stay for days with my ideas ready to go because I do not have a name for my characters. It is easier to invent some weird names but a lot harder to actually give them Romanian names. I always search for names that do not belong in my circle of friends.

Backgrounds – well, I’m a sucker for them families. If I can give one character 10 brothers and sisters and a functional set of parents, I’m happy. I know it is difficult to work with so many characters (we can’t all be Stephen King or Terry Pratchett) but I love them. I think a family creates a perfect environment for a complex character. I can’t base the parents on my parents because my characters would be happy functional people without any issues. But I like the idea of drunk parents. Don’t ask me why, I just do.

Appearance – this is the place where everything comes from my own imagination. I do not base the appearance of my characters on any known people. It might happen for some to look the same as my friends, but it’s an illusion. This is where I let my imagination go wild and come up with weird looking people. And I love it!

That was about it with my inspiration but I would like to share with you a little exercise that I have been doing for years. I like to stay on a bench somewhere and look at the people passing down the street. And I create their lives. I look at them and immediately come up with their story. How many children do they have? Are they having a great job that they love or just a job that gets them through life? Have they had a happy childhood? Do they have money to get out or buy expensive food?

It’s refreshing to give lives to other people. Almost a God-like feeling when you alone know their stories and their everything. You should try it with friends too.

But where do you get your inspiration?


Why do you write?

Why do I write? Somebody actually asked me this a while ago. It was the first time somebody was interested in my reason for writing.

Why indeed. I think I had that glare I usually have whenever I realize I’ve said something stupid. It was extremely hard to formulate an answer to that question. Therefore, I said the usual: Why not?

Of course this answer is bullstuff, but it is also a real one. I write because I can, because I like it and because I want to be studied in schools. I just love the feeling that someday, some kids could actually read my books and analyze my writing for a school assignment. It’s like a small orgasm that my brain has just by thinking about it.

But it wasn’t always like that. A few years back, my writing had entirely other purposes than the one mentioned above. It had a lot more meaning and I’m wondering where that meaning went. When have I stopped writing for myself and started this unconscious battle with the world around me who told me I can never be a writer. Well, frack off!

But I’m getting carried away with nonsense. Here are the eras that have influenced my writing (or as much as I remember from it):

8-10 years old – I used to write for school. Whenever the homework included a written story, I would grab my Sailor Moon knowledge and create the best SF story combined with anime ever! I’m pretty sure I’ve kept some of those compositions somewhere, and I promise that if I’ll find them, I’ll publish them here. But that was my purpose: to have the best damn composition from the class.

11-16 years old – this is the time when writing really had meaning for me. I wrote mostly poetry. Even small compositions worked for me. I usually wrote when something happened in my life that I didn’t like. It’s funny how I always remembered the bad things happening and only wrote about them. What happened to my happy ones?

Anyway, whenever my parents yelled at me for no reason, I used to write¬†a story about it. It was not like a diary, but like a similar situation and the conclusion that I’ve never had the guts to tell my parents about. Obviously, it happened with aliens and probably some other parallel worlds, but the point was there.

17-22 years old – it was my grim era. Some people, whom I joyfully asked to read my creations, told me that they would prefer to read some other bullstuff than what I had written. So I stopped writing and continued reading with even more ambition. I was a walking library and everyone was asking me questions about books. It was also the period when I started my other blog (with book reviews), thinking that I will never be good enough to write, so I might just as well read.

22-now – and here I am! When I was in my third year of college (I was actually taking two at the time), the pressure was so high on me that I snapped and started writing. I had so much frustration to add in a single book that I almost finished a novel (which is still under surgery). Since then, I had ideas and desires to push forward with multiple stories at the same time (I really do get bored easily).

So what if I’ll never be a great writer?

So what if the only people to read my stories would be my close friends and family?

So what if I will not be studied in schools and there will never be a library with my name on it?

I’ll keep on writing for myself. I’ll continue to write for all my favorite writers who I bet would be happy to learn that they’ve inspired yet another soul to write. I’ll write because I can and because I want to.

I will never, ever let other people influence me in a negative way. I’ll do what I want most and I’ll try to be good at it. So my answer is simple: I write because I want to.

Why do you write?

Well, hello there!

First of all, welcome to my attempt of actually writing a book from start to finish… It will be a blast, I know.

I’ve decided to create this blog because every one who has an opinion on writing told me to do so. I do not know if it will work, but I’ll try. Also, I’ll share here all of the wisdom I can get from others (smarter than me, I promise).

Basically, it will be a blog about writing, my own way of making sure I write something every day. Last time I wrote was a month ago, so it is clear that I’m having great issues there.

But enough talking, let’s start the walking!